Client Setup

Creating a Client

Step 1:

To create a client, you can click on the "All Clients" navigation bar item, found on the left beneath the "CLIENTS" sub-heading.

This will take you to the following screen.

To begin, click on the + Client button located at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Assetpool Create Client

Step 2:

You will then be taken to the screen below to fill in all the client details.

Assetpool Client Details

You are able to search for & select an existing address, which will complete the Address details automatically.

Assetpool Client Address

Specifying the correct timezone is extremely important.

If a timezone is incorrect, jobs could be scheduled for the correct time but because they are not scheduled within the correct timezone, jobs will be scheduled incorrectly.

Assetpool Client Timezone

Step 3:

Once you have completed all the below client details, click the ✓ Create Client button to save your new client.

You have now successfully created a Client!

Next you will find yourself at the screen below, ready to add a site.

Assetpool Client Sites