Site Setup

Creating a Site


  1. You have set up a client.

Once you have created a client, there will be an option to add a site, please see below.

Assetpool Add Site

Step 1:

Alternatively, click on the "Client Sites" navigation bar item, found on the left beneath CLIENTS, this will take you to the following screen.

Click on the + Site button located at the top right-hand corner of the screen, to create a site.

Assetpool Add Site

Step 2:

To create a new site fill in all the below details.

Assetpool Site Details

You are able to select a Client from the drop-down list provided.

The list will contain all the clients you have created prior.

Assetpool Site Clients

Select the users who are permitted to interact with the site.

If the User Limits entry is left empty, all users may access the site.

Note: This applies to admins and technicians.

Assetpool Site User Limits

You are able to search for & select an existing address, which will complete the Address details automatically.

Assetpool Site Address

Specifying the correct timezone is extremely important.

If a timezone is incorrect, jobs could be scheduled for the correct time but because they are not scheduled within the correct timezone, jobs will be scheduled incorrectly.

Step 3:

Complete all details and click the ✓ Create Site button.

Assetpool Create Site

You have now successfully created a site.

Next, you will find yourself at the screen below, ready to create a job.

Assetpool Site Job