Recurring Jobs

What is a Recurring Job?

A Recurring Job is a job that is not once-off.

Recurring Jobs are performed repeatedly, for example on a weekly or monthly basis.

Creating a Recurring Job


  1. You have created a Client.
  2. You have created a Site.
  3. You have created a Checklist.
  4. You have created a Job Type.
  5. You have created an Asset Type & scanned an asset.
  6. You have created an Asset Group.

Step 1:

To create your first Job, click on the "Dashboard", "Calendar", "All Jobs" or "Recurring" navigation bar item, found on the left in the navigation pane.

"Recurring" will take you to the following screen.

To begin, click on the + New Job button located at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Assetpool New Recurring Job

Step 2:

Select "Recurring Job".

If the job you are creating is once-off, you will select "Single Job".

If the job you are creating needs to be performed on a, for example, monthly basis, you will select "Recurring Job".

Assetpool New Recurring Job

After selecting Recurring Job, you will be taken to the following screen.

Step 3:

Complete all job details.

Assetpool Recurring Job Deatils Assetpool Recurring Job Deatils

Select a Start Date from the drop-down.

Assetpool Recurring Job Start Date

Specify how frequently the job needs to be repeated.

Assetpool Recurring Job Schedule

Select an End Date from the drop-down.

Assetpool Recurring Job End Date

Select a Site from the drop-down list.

The zones within the Site will populate the Zones box.

Assetpool Recurring Job Zones

Specify whether the first job should open immediately & if there are any exclusions.

Assetpool Recurring Job Open

Select an Exclusion Rule from the drop-down.

Assetpool Recurring Job Exlusion Rule

Select a Job Type from the drop-down list.

Assetpool Recurring Job Type

Assign a Technician.

Assetpool Recurring Job Technician

Add a Reference, specify whether the Technician will be able to close jobs or not & provide Special Instructions if there are any.

Assetpool Recurring Job Technician permissions

Step 4:

After completing all job details, scroll up & click the Preview & Create > button.

Assetpool Preview & Create Recurring Job

A Schedule Preview will pop up.

Step 5:

Examine the proposed schedule and if you are satisfied, click the Approve & Create Schedule → button to save the Recurring Job.

Alternatively if you are not satisfied, click the Cancel button & you will be taken back to the provious screen to edit the Recurring Job.

Assetpool Recurring Job Schedule

After approving the Recurring Job schedule, you will be taken to the screen below.

Assetpool Recurring Job Schedule Approved

You have now successfully created a Recurring Job!

Editing a Recurring Job:

To edit a recurring job, select the recurring job you would like to edit.

You will find yourself at the screen below.

Assetpool Edit Recurring Job

Select the Edit Configuration menu-item from the menu in the top-right corner.

Update/Change all the recurring job fields you wish to.

Once you have edited all the necessary fields, select the Update Recurring Job > button to save the changes you have implemented.

Assetpool Update Recurring Job

You have now successfully Edited a Recurring Job!