Adding an Admin

What is an Admin?

An Admin is an office based user, typically a manager in control of the system.

How to add a user as an Admin?

Step 1:

Click on the Company navigation bar item, found on the left beneath the "Asset Groups" navigation bar item, within the ADMINISTRATION section.

assetpool admin user

Step 2:

At the top right there is a menu, click on the Users menu-item.

You will be taken to the screen below, showing a list of all users.

assetpool admin user

Step 3:

Select the + New User button.

assetpool new admin user

Step 4:

Select Admin as the type of user.

assetpool admin user

Step 5:

Complete all Admin details.

assetpool admin user details

Step 6:

Select an area code.

assetpool admin area code

Step 7:

Provide a contact number.

assetpool admin contact number

Step 8:

Assign the Sites applicable to the new Admin from the drop-down list provided.

assetpool admin sites

Step 9:

Once you have completed all the below details, click the ✓ Create User button to save your new user.

assetpool create admin user

You have now successfully created an Admin!