Close a Job

How to close a job?

Important Note:

A job can only be closed once the inspection/inspections is/are complete.

The Close Job button will be disabled until all inspections within the job are complete.

Step 1:

Click into the Tools tab.

Assetpool No Inspections

Before an inspection is completed, if you click into the Job Tools, the Close Job button will be disabled.

There will only be an option to Delete the job.

Please see the image below.

Assetpool Close Job Disabled

Step 2:

Once an inspection has been performed, click back into the Tools tab.

Assetpool Inspection Synced Assetpool Close Job Disabled

The Close Job button will now be enabled.

Step 3:

Simply click Close Job button to close the job.

Assetpool Close Job

Once a job has been closed, there is an option to reopen the job if you wish to.

Simply click the Open Job button to reopen the job.

Assetpool Reopen Job

Opening & Closing jobs is that easy!