Performing an Inspection

How to perform an inspection?

Step 1:

Select Open Jobs.

assetpool open jobs

Step 2:

Select the open job you wish to perform an inspection within.

assetpool open jobs list

Step 3:

Select the camera icon to scan an asset barcode.

assetpool inspections

The camera will open ready for an asset barcode to be scanned.

Step 4:

Scan the asset barcode.

assetpool scan barcode

A list of checklists will pop up.

Step 5:

Select the appropriate checklist.

assetpool inspection checklist

The first checkpoint will appear on the screen.

assetpool checkpoints

Step 6:

Select either Pass Check, Fail Check or Not Applicable.

assetpool pass check

You are able to add an image as evidence, however, adding a picture is not required.

You are also able to add notes regarding your findings, again, adding a note is note required.

Step 7:

Select Proceed to move on to the next checkpoint.

assetpool proceed to next checkpoint

Move through every checkpoint.

assetpool checkpoints assetpool pass check assetpool proceed to next checkpoint

As you are moving through the inspection you will notice the % of completion increasing in the top left-hand corner.

assetpool checkpoints assetpool pass checkpoints assetpool proceed to next checkpoint

When you select Proceed after the last checkpoint within the checklist, you will be taken to the end of the inspection and the inspection will be 100% complete.

Step 8:

Submit & Close Off the inspection.

You are able to leave comments if you wish to.

assetpool inspection complete

If your inspection is successfully submitted, the following message will pop up.

assetpool inspection successful

When the Inspections show 0/1, it means the inspection is still syncing.

assetpool syncing inspection

Once the Inspections show 1/1, it means the inspection sync is complete.

assetpool inspection synced

When you click into the Inspections, all of the inspections within the job will be listed.

The green check indicates that the inspection is complete, has been submitted and the inspection sync is complete.

assetpool inspection list

If you go back to your Open Jobs screen, you will see that there will now be an orange clock icon, indicating that the job is in progress.

assetpool open jobs

You have now successfully performed an inspection!